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Frequent Questions

Q. How do I know if I need therapy?

A. If you have a problem that's interfering in your everyday life (at home, at work, with relationships, etc.) therapy can help you.

Q. I have some problems, but how can talking to someone else help? I should be able to fix my own problems.

A. First of all, counseling isn't about "fixing" you. You're not broken. Life is challenging and sometimes things get complicated. Think of yourself inside a picture. When you're in the picture you can't see the picture. You have to rely on someone outside of it to tell you what it looks like. The same is true with counseling. I am trained to help you see the situation more clearly and to help you discover your own inner wisdom and strength. I can help you gain confidence and trust in yourself so that you can make better decisions and handle problems as they arise.

Q. Is it normal to be nervous about contacting a therapist?

A. Yes. Whatever you want to work on in counseling is obviously important to you - otherwise you would not consider investing your time, energy, and money. Many people worry about being judged or misunderstood. Frequently people find that their nervousness subsides during the initial session as I treat your concerns with seriousness, respect, and compassion.

Q. What will happen when I come to see you for counseling?

A. Sessions typically last 50 minutes. The first session is basically an information gathering session. In the second session we'll get into the therapy. We'll begin to develop a therapeutic relationship-one that's safe, accepting, and confidential. I'll listen, give you feedback, and help you discover your processes, your beliefs, your blocks and your strengths. We'll work as a team. It's this relationship that will be the foundation for much of your healing.

Q. How will I know if you are the right therapist for me?

I always encourage people to view their first session with a new therapist as a job interview. Here is your opportunity to ask questions that will ensure you make a good choice for yourself. If at the beginning of our work together either of us feels another therapist would be better for you, I will be happy to help you find that person.

Q. How long do I have to go to therapy?

A. This depends largely on the problem(s) that brings you to therapy and on your goals. Some symptom relief can usually be achieved in a matter of weeks. If you're looking to make real change in your life it may take longer. Often people get into therapy and decide to continue because they like the progress they're making and the personal growth. In any case, the length of your therapy is something we'll periodically discuss.

Q. How often do I need to go to therapy?

A. It's optimal to attend weekly sessions for the first 3-4 weeks if possible. This is a way for you to begin the therapeutic process and experience changes more quickly. Some clients attend therapy every-other-week. The frequency is determined by your issues, your desire to move forward, your resources, our discussion, and your agreement.

Q. Do you take insurance?

A. I am a "fee for service" provider and don't formally participate on any insurance networks. However, if your insurance offers "Out of Network Provider" coverage, I'll provide you with the necessary paperwork you can submit for reimbursement. Please check your policy for this information. Fees are collected at the time of service and all insurance reimbursement will go to you.

Q. I'd like to come to counseling but I'm not sure I can afford it. Do you offer any options?

A. Yes. At your first session we will address charges and how they can be made affordable. My normal fee is $110.00 per 50 minute session.

Q. What payment options are available?

A. I accept cash, checks, debit cards, Master Card, VISA, and Discover. Payment is handled at the beginning of each session.

Q. What if I have to miss a session?

A. You must cancel your appointment at least 24 hours in advance or you will be charged for the session time allotted to you. Of course, sometimes you may have an unavoidable emergency. In that case, please call as soon as possible so that we can re-schedule your appointment.
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