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Take it to Your Board

Karen Rowinsky - Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Corporations, associations, and non-profit agencies all have a Board of Directors. They turn to their boards for helping set their mission and vision. Boards help with the tough decisions and creative solutions. Most boards are made up of people with a myriad of talents and backgrounds. Doesn't it make sense that as individuals, we have one too?
Board of Directors
Your board would not have final say on anything. It would be there to advise and support you when you have important decisions to make. It could offer you a venue for creative problem-solving. Its key role will be providing you a safe place to mull over challenges you face at work and even at home.

If the idea appeals to you, start making a list of people you respect. Ideally your board will be diverse, made up of a variety of members who have the specific talents and skills you deem most helpful. Your board should be no less than four people and probably no more than eight.

Start with personal invitations, explaining why you are asking for their help. Then, invite the whole board to a small gathering. I bet they will be flattered you asked. From then on they can meet with you through e-mails with maybe one "annual dinner meeting" to thank them.

Self care is about surrounding yourself with the wisdom and talents of others. We all need a little help from our friends, or our board!

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