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Curb the Criticism

Karen Rowinsky - Wednesday, September 12, 2018

I wrote this tip several years ago. Given our current climate of "haters," negative politics, and general nastiness, it couldn't be more timely. Remember, the only thing we can control is ourselves. 

Could you go a day without a criticizing yourself or someone else? 

Think about it; no cursing at the driver who hogs the passing lane, no judging a co-worker for their work ethic, no reminding a partner or kid about a habit you code as bad, no complaining about a friend who makes a poor decision, AND no beating yourself up for making a mistake. I doubt many of us could make it 24 hours without doing one of the above.

Complaining, judging, criticizing, no matter who it's aimed at, casts a negative  pall on a day, evening, or a lifetime. When two or more people join in a "gripe fest," it exponentially expands the negative atmosphere. 

Even though some criticism is legitimate, it can become a habit. Keep track of your complaints over the next few days. If you see that you are being negative more than you think is helpful, try a few days curbing your criticism. Each time you feel one coming on, stop, take a deep breath, and then decide whether it really will help. You may choose to continue with the thought or words but at least it will be a choice rather than unconsciously adding negativity to your day, evening, or life!

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