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Karen Rowinsky - Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Need a laugh, a cathartic crying session, or some excitement in your life? One easy, convenient way to get what you need is through films. Instead of selecting the next movie you see by listening to critics or going to only box office hits, how about letting your choice reflect the mood you desire?  

Here are some ideas that may fit the bill:

  • Need to getaway from it all? Watch a film from another country.
  • Haven't laughed in a while? Pick an actor or genre that always gets you going.
  • Want to release tension? Select a thriller with lots of suspense that will leave you spent.
  • Feeling wrapped up in your problems? Find a biographical movie with an inspiring story.
  • Desire some mental stimulation? Documentaries or films on a topic you know nothing about can help.

Most of us get stuck in a rut when it comes to movies. Services like Netflix divide their movies into genres and sub-genres. You can look for comedies but then narrow your choices down to dark comedies, slapstick, spoofs, romantic comedies, etc. Trade lists of favorite movies with friends. Better yet, start a film festival with your friends or family, using a theme, a decade, or genre to make your choices.

Self care can be as easy as a DVD or watching a movie online with some popcorn. Getting what you need doesn't have to be hard! 

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