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Make it Work

Karen Rowinsky - Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Do you feel like you are constantly busy?
Have too much on your plate?
Feeling anxious about an approaching deadline?

I love Tim Gunn's expression, "Make it work." Gunn,  the stern but empathetic guru on Project Runway, usually says it to a contestant who is fritzing out or trying to do too much.  It seems to cut through the anxiety of meeting a deadline and helps one get back on target. It's a great mantra for the chronically busy. But when you need more than a mantra, here's a tip on how to make it work:

Plan for the unexpected. Life generally happens to the busiest of us, usually at the wrong time. So, build in time for it. When you have an event, project deadline, business trip, or vacation scheduled add a cushion of time to your planning.

  1. Make a list of the things that have to get done.
  2. Set your "deadline" at least a day to several days before the actual date.
  3. Schedule in your tasks by going backward from your deadline.
  4. Be realistic in the time allotted for each task.
  5. Even if things are going smoothly, keep to the original schedule.
  6. If the unexpected doesn't throw off your schedule, enjoy being relaxed during the time between your deadline and the actual one.

By building in extra time, you can deal with unexpected events or emergencies with less stress and more finesse. Now, that's self care!

Would you like more time management tips?

My speaking colleague and friend, Chuc Barnes, wrote a great time management book, Get Your Ducks in a Row. He also has a helpful blog, Chuc Chimes In. I'd recommend you check out both. Also if you need a speaker on time management or presentation skills for your next conference,  Chuc is excellent. Learn about him at Minutes Count.

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