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Have a Dilemma? Ask for a Dream

Karen Rowinsky - Wednesday, September 05, 2018
Are you struggling with a decision you want to make? 
Can't make up your mind which way to go? 
On the fence about something?
Here is a simple way to achieve clarity...ask for a dream. 

When you  settle down to go to sleep, spend a few minutes thinking about your dilemma. In your mind's eye examine the pro's and con's of each choice. Imagine the way you want to feel with your chosen outcome. Even fantasize going in each direction. Finally, consciously ask for a dream to help you make the decision. You can "think" the request or say it out loud.  

Your dream may or may not come on the first attempt. If you don't remember dreaming, try it again the next night. Don't give up. Do it for a week or two. You may never remember a specific dream but you may find that you are able to come to your decision with more clarity and less angst.

Self care is about trying new things, even if they seem a bit wacky! 
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