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A Breath of Spring

Karen Rowinsky - Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Is winter getting you down? If the gray and cold, sleet or snow, and short days are leaving you feeling down or lethargic, here's a quick way that will give you a breath of spring.Flowers

Find a plant nursery or garden store and spend a leisurely hour browsing the rows of potted plants and hot house flowers. The bright, warmth, and humid atmosphere gives you a respite from the winter air. The fragrance of earth, plants, and flowers will give you a reminder that spring will be here soon.

Each year at this time I try to visit Family Tree Nursery in Overland Park. The colors and smells boost my mood and give me a lovely escape from a busy week. Put a visit to your local greenhouse on your calendar. It's a lovely way to care for yourself! 

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