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Learn Something New in 18 Minutes

Karen Rowinsky - Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Learning something new can stimulate our brains, pull us out of the doldrums, and maybe even spark a new interest. Yet, most of us don't have the time to take a class, go to a workshop, or even read a book. Surely, you can find 18 minutes!

If you have a computer and can get online, you have the opportunity to learn from TEDthe cutting edge thinkers and doers of our time. TED (stands for technology, entertainment, and design) is your access point to "ideas worth spreading." I encourage you to go to the TED website.

For example, learn about One Day of Peace, The Magic of Truth and Lies, and The Power of Vulnerability. You can explore particular topics or just play pot luck. You will be amazed how refreshing it is to learn something that has nothing to do with your work or your current interests. 

Our local TED Conference, TEDxKC was held on August 20 and sold out in a matter of hours. If you like this kind of learning experience, you may want to "like" TEDxKC on Facebook or sign-up for their e-mails on their website.

Another way to access TED Talks is the Ted Radio Hour on NPR. You can download podcasts of these. Each show tackles a different topic and then interviews previous TED speakers and shares snippets of their presentation. I particularly enjoyed recent episodes on Why We Collaborate, Making Mistakes, and Turning Points.

Learning something new is a fantastic act of self care and a delightful way to spend 18 minutes!

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