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So What

Karen Rowinsky - Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Here's a tip I repeat every year...

I can tell from spending time with my clients and friends recently, that many people are heading to Thanksgiving gatherings with some ambivalence. Families are "messy" and if you will be spending time with yours, you too may see it as a mixed blessing.

So here's my tip for you...if someone slights you, makes a condescending comment, tries to impress you with their success, brags about their "perfect" kids, drinks too much and gets "loose lips," gets their feelings hurt, or in any other way makes you feel uncomfortable, say to yourself, SO WHAT!

Really, so what...these scenes are being repeated in homes across the country. You've been annoyed, offended, pissed off, or hurt on other like occasions. How about trying something new and just let it go? Choose not to have negative emotions, let people get on your nerves, or be critical. Recognize that these are patterns that have been in place for years. Know that no family is perfect. So what that yours isn't either! Enjoy them for who they are.

The holiday is about giving thanks. If you enjoy yourself in spite of the idiosyncrasies of the people you've spent it with, you can give thanks to yourself  for being an adult, being human, and cutting you and others some slack!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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