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Take Some Quality Time

Karen Rowinsky - Wednesday, March 07, 2018
Self care can be about taking quality time for yourself. Often we are the last one on our list of priorities. Here is an exercise to help you gain insight as to how you would spend the time if you took it.

I hope you will have fun with this. I also hope it will be enlightening. Start by spending some time thinking about what would comprise a perfect day for you. While perfection is rarely attainable, think of this as a fantasy. You might let it percolate in your mind for a while but at some point be sure to write down a description including the following:

  • List hour by hour how you will spend your time
  • Where will you be?
  • Who will you be with? or will you spend part or all of it in solitude?
  • What will you wear?
  • What will you eat or drink?
  • What "things" will you have with you?
  • What mood(s) or emotions will you experience? 
It is often not practical, or realistic, to live your perfect day completely. Yet, how about building some of its components into your schedule? I hope that you will gain some insight into what goes into a good day for you. Even if you can't do it all in one day, you can add these things one by one into the days you have yet to live.

Self care is being mindful of how you would like to spend your time and then finding ways to incorporate the characteristic(s) of your perfect day into an average one.
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