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Tea Time

Karen Rowinsky - Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Tea, whether it be iced, hot, sweet, herbal, green, black, or white; there are endless varieties of this popular beverage. Whether you drink a chilled glassful on a sizzling, hot summer day or a soothing cuppa on a bone chilling winter evening, tea can be the epitome of self care. You can make  every cup of tea a tea party!

  • Tea doesn't have to be a luxury. It is relatively inexpensive and even the exotic, imported varieties can be affordable.
  • Styrofoam cups and tea don't go together. Bring out the "good" china to enjoy your tea in, find appealing teacups and saucers at garage sales, or purchase a special tea mug that feels good in your hands.
  • The Japanese get it right with their Tea Ceremony. They consider the drinking of tea an aesthetic experience, enjoying the tea using all of their senses.
  • Particular kinds of teas can be good for your health. You can sip your tea as part of your overall health plan.
  • Some restaurants and tea shops offer "high tea." It's a lovely time to relax and spend some time with a friend.   
Self care can be as easy as paying attention to the simple pleasures in life. If tea is not your "thing," what simple pleasure can you expand upon, make special, or incorporate into your day? 
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