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Thank You for Being a Good Citizen

Karen Rowinsky - Wednesday, June 27, 2018

I went to Costco recently and after I put my purchases in my car, I returned my shopping cart to the "corral" in the parking lot. As I was walking away, a man called out to me, "Thank you for being a good citizen." It's second nature to me to put my shopping cart where it belongs. It never occurred to me that I was doing something special. Yet when this stranger complimented me it brought a feeling of pride to my heart and a spring to my step.

I believe that this gentleman was the good citizen. He thought he was catching me in a good act, but what he did is something the world needs more of. Instead of focusing on people acting badly he noticed the good and then pointed it out. 

In these days, especially, self care for you can be noticing people acting well and then letting them know you appreciate what they did. Not only may it make the person you compliment feel good, but you will have the self-knowledge that you are an encouraging presence in your community and the world.

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